Antique Electronics Reference Books

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Here is my collection of some great old engineering and radio reference books. Some of these titles are extremely useful for servicing and designing tube-type equipment. Others are just fun to read and give a glimpse back into the past at antiquated technologies and systems. There may be a few non-antique books scattered here and there as well that are just great electronics books. Enjoy!

Applied Electricity (Volumes I – VIII) – Revised Edition, American Technical Society, 1933
Drake’s Radio Cyclopedia – Harold P. Manly, 2nd Edition, Frederick J. Drake & Co., 1928
Experimental Researches in Electricity (Volumes I, II, and III) – Michael Faraday
Reprinted from the 1st Edition, 1839, Green Lion Press, 2000. Of course I can’t afford an original and complete set of Michael Faraday’s Experimental Researches in Electricity but this outstanding reprint is the next best thing. Green Lion Press offers a beautiful hard-bound reprint of Experimental Researches in Electricity and other “original source texts in the history of science and history of mathematics.”
Hawkins Electrical Guide (Volumes 1 – 10) – Hawkins and Staff, Theo. Audel & Co., 1914
Modern Radio Servicing – Alfred A. Ghirardi, B.S., E.E., 1st Edition
Radio & Technical Publishing Co., 1935
Practical Radio Communications - Arthur R. Nilson and J.L. Hornung, 1st Edition, 13th
Impression, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1935
Principles and Practice of Radio Servicing - H.J. Hicks, M.S., 1st Edition, 6th
Impression, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1939
The Principles Underlying Radio Communication – Second Edition, Revised 24 May 1921
Signal Corps, U.S. Army, 1922. An early reference manual for U.S. Army Signal Corps radiomen.
Radio Electronics – Boyce & Roche, 2nd Edition, 3rd Printing, Howard W. Sams & Co., 1952
The Radio Engineer’s Handbook - Frederick Emmons Terman, Sc. D., 1st Edition, 8th
Impression, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1943
Radio Telephony for Amateurs – Stuart Ballantine, 2nd Edition, David McKay Company, 1923
An early reference manual for Amateur Radio Operators when radio was still in it’s infancy. A fascinating glance into early circuit construction and practice.
The Radiotron Designer’s Handbook, Third Edition - F. Langford Smith, 3rd Edition, 8th
Impression, Wireless Press, 1942
The Radiotron Designer’s Handbook, Fourth Edition - F. Langford Smith, 4th Edition
Wireless Press, 1953

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